My biggest catch with ice fishing

My biggest catch with ice fishing

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 10 April 2020

I’m going to tell you about my biggest catch with ice fishing. We went fishing with our friend to our lake. Well its not really a lake, its rather a pond, I think my dad has probably told you something about it. It has a fireplace and it is a really nice place. We make small trips there.

So 4 years ago we went there with snowmobiles, but it wasn’t anything unusual, we were there couple days before that. So we get to the pond and we little bit unpack the stuff. And then I go pick a spot where I want to fish so my dad can make a hole in the ice. While my dad was making the hole, I went to get me a reindeer hide so I can sit on it while I’m fishing. When the hole is ready i go grab the rod and start fishing.

 I’m fishing, and I don’t really feel like I would catch anything. But suddently I feel something that grabs the bait. I pull it up, but it is just a small fish. And I let the fish go back to the water. Everyone is getting little bit bored, because nothing is really happening, except my dad is playing with his snowmobile. Then I hear that my sister says that something big grabbed her bait and she tries to pull it up, but it gets away. Then maybe 10minutes later the same thing happens with someone else, and then a little bit later with someone else again. This keeps going so long that it has tried everyone else’s bait except mine.

And then finally is my turn and the fish grabs my bait. I’m trying to pull it up, but it is so heavy and it kicks so much. I’m almost getting the fish up, but it goes back deeper in the water. And it happens again that I almost get it up, but it goes back. I yell to my dad to come help me, but he only says that I have to be calm. And I’m trying to calm down, because I know that if I’m not being calm I will not get the fish up. Then I’m finally calm and I get the fish up and my dad helps me to take the hook off the fishes mouth.The fish is a big, beautiful  raindow trout, the biggest fish I have ever got.

The feeling when I finally got the fish was great. And now we are going ice fishing there on Saturday, I hope that I will catch again something as great as that fish was.

Happy Easter!

Anni, daughter of Legend

Ps. On panorama photo you can see strike back from Anni when fish took her bait. Sometimes you get good photos even you are not planning those. Anni was 11yrs old when this happend.

Have a nice weekend and happy Easter

Mika the legend.