movie rivers and "reality tv"

movie rivers and "reality tv"

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 16 April 2021

I have been doing last fixing before snow is gone and reindeer are back in the wild. So it means driving with snowmobile and working on snow, I found some areas where we have about 1 meters snow still but it should be gone fast now when we have wind and almost +10 celsius, where sun can do it macig it was +18 celsius. I have noticed that when watching movies or tv anyhow, I do like to watch ”reality-tv” from Alaska etc. Anyway nature related programms.

When watching movies are find myself wondering how fishing would be on the rivers. It doesn’t matter what movie if there is a river, even for 5 sec, I start to think where the river is and would it be good for fishing. Some rivers really seems to be interesting if you just could fish those. It is funny how your mind is working or at least mine. Maybe it is these long snowy winters that makes me dream about remote fishing spots.

I have been following tv-programm Devil’s canyon, it is kind of gold rush related programm. There is really great looking river. There should be a lot of fish but in the programm they seems to get none. They try to get some food but they are not really succesfull on that. I’m sure there is lot of trout etc on the river. It is located some where in British Columbia.

I also watch now and then Alaska bush people. There is a family who are living separeted from civilization etc. Why am I wathcing these? I know thing or two about shooting ”reality tv” so it is funny watch those. It is like watching comedy tv. I know that some of the events are as real as they can be be but most… well let’s say, that if you have camera man, sound man, safety personals etc and you go hunting for deer in the mountains and won’t get none…. it is not really suprising. And if you get one, well it looks like more like acting (relase the deer and shoot) than real- life situation).

When you watch fishing programms it is more real-life situation than any of these ”reality tv”. Of course you can fool on those also ( I have been doing that) but it is still more real life than reality tv ever.

For me this kind of programms are brains off programms and it is nice to watch them now and then. When summer is here there is no time for TV. Next week I have again ice fishing guiding trip. So far ice fishing has been quite difficult but weather in this week and coming weekend will change that, I pretty sure about that.

Have a nice weekend

Mika From Finland