more you know less you understand

more you know less you understand

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 17 January 2020

It seems to be more or less like that. More you know, less you understand. It seems to be like that at least with two things, fishing (cracking the code) and woman’s logic. I know that someone might be offended but I often think that it is more how you read than what it is written. About woman’s logic I have bet with my friend, it has been going 20 years now. Winner will get dinner etc from looser. I don’t think either of us will have that, same go with cracking the code or fishing anyway.

You might have been fishing same waters long time and during different circumstances, you think that you know how it will go but then there is always something. This won’t be about cracking the code because it will be one of those unsolved mysteries. Cows will fly before cracking the code. I’m talking about something else.

I have noticed that when fisherman get more experience and better, they seems have this kind of syndroma, more you know, less you understand. Right word is not really understand, it is maybe figure out, apprehend, realize, comprehend, perceive etc, depends little bit about context. I started to think about this when I got few contact from national teams which are coming in August and taking part Fly Fishing World Championship. They have training week before but not allowed to fish competition waters. So they are looking waters which are similar.  

Most of the teams or part of them have been here last summer and trained in competition waters. Most of them have been fishing by them own without guide. I heard that competition fisherman often wants that they guide is competitor. I don’t really get why but it seems to be like that. Maybe it is because they are so good and they technique is so unique. LOL. They are effective and fast, sometimes even have some tricks that we normal fisherman don’t know or it can be also otherwise round. Anyway I have offered some of those teams day on competition waters with rafting boat, but they don’t see any reason for that. Because they just want to practise by fishing, It is funny because that part of the river where competition will be is one of most chancing area of the river. During spring when ice are going and there is flood, spots and even some rocks are moving around. So even without fishing that area you get best possible insight about river. (if you know teams who are coming, maybe you should give tip for them). It means that it was something last year and new river this year.

Anyway this made me think about, when we know more, we kind of understand less, or what ever right word is. We get so involved about our skills that we think that we can handle everything by ourselves. And this goes with me (everybody) sometimes. So then it is time to sit on rock and stop, wathc maybe other fisherman to fish. Maybe thinking that I wouldn’t do so and so, but sit and watch, you might learn something. ( you always do, either never do like that or this is something that can be used). Often beginners have point of view that you might forgot, it is not that you wouldn’t know but it is foregone conclusion so you don’t even think about it anymore. You get maybe new approach or idea.  When you think that you know everything, sell your gears and stop fishing…. because there is nothing that fishing can give you anymore.

I’m missing summer a lot now. Normally I have been able to handle it pretty well but there is so much nice things coming so end of the winter will be hard. Fishing…. it is best you can do pants on. We have trip to Varzina but also to Sweden. And I think that I need to add Septemper meeting also on our bucket list. And calender is looking quite good for guiding also.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland