Møn Session and fall fishing

Møn Session and fall fishing

Viking Lars | Saturday, 15 September 2018

I'm once again at the (in)famous Møn Session. Møn Session is a gathering of flyifshers,held on the beautiful, Danish isle of Møn, which offers good fishing for both sea trout and brackish water pike. It's the fourth time my friends Gordon Henriksen and Frederik Lorentzen host this gathering.

There is fishing, big bonfires, camping, flytying, casting and fishing - everything we like and love!

I spent the morning on a nice stretch not far from where we're camping. It was windy and wavy, but all in all very good conditions. I had a few careful takes, which could have been small sea trout or garfish.

Sea trout can be really tricky this time of year. If there's one good thing about the coloured fish, getting ready to migrate up river, it's that once they in an area, they'll often stay there for a few days, up to a week. They often show themselves, and when they do, they're usually hard to get.

Fall sea trout tend to like brown and gold, really hefty colours or really small flies. The selection in the PoD is a good one and will easily get you through the fall season. That being said, if you find an area with coloured trout hanging around, and they're not playing along, then it's really often a matter of changing flies often - every 20 cast or so, and at some point, you'll often get a few.

You can still encounter shiny ones, and they're not picky. They're opportunistic hunters, and it's most often a simple matter of getting them to see your fly (any fly).

I love fall, I think September is my favourite month of the year. Nothing beats the colours of fall, and especially after this long, schorching summer, lower temps in both water and air are soothing for all creatures.

Flies in the PoD: Top one is of course the might Mickey Finn - a fall favourite. Then my brown/good version of the Big Hole Demon, and last, my Seal's Fur Mysis (which you can see how I tie here).

Have great weekend!