Missed good week of fishing

Missed good week of fishing

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 26 May 2023

Last weekend we took part to outdoor fair. There were lots of interesting gears and things. Few which I would love to have. Well we see during the summer how those things will end up.

We bought hammocks with mosquito nets and rain cover. Those will be in use soon. I got new reel and line for my HT6. I haven't set up them yet, will do Friday or Saturday.

We have trainees from France once again, they arrived on Sunday evening and as always the first week is busy for me. I have to see that things start to work out and that they know what to do. So far I can see that my life could be easier for a few weeks. We will have trainees totally over 6 weeks.

Fishing in our lake has been awesome, unfortunately not for me. I haven't been able ro go there. After the working day I have continued some small things for preparing the next day. Our trainees have been fishing two evenings and they have caught several rainbow trout, few pike and some perch. I checked the lake on Monday and Tuesday, there were a lot of rises. Great fishing which I missed.

I do have "reason". Tuesday I noticed that our boat had some winter damage, there was small hole in aluminium. It won't really leak between layers but still it is something that I had to fix. Also flooring was gone. I took boat with quad and trailer to the yard and started fix. Hole is repaired now and most of flooring also. I just have to rebuilt front and back with plywood still.

Hopefully I'm able to finish flooring Friday evening and get boat back to the lake on Saturday. Then I would have chance to go fishing Saturday evening.

Looking forward for that. 

Have a nice weekend and go fishing