Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 2 July 2021

Last weekend it was midsummer. Past week has been reindeer marking, guiding daytime and making hay. When hay and reindeer marking depends about weather, and it has been good for that so everything has at the same time. Some long days and nights.

Last Sunday I started at 10 am from home and was back at 8 am on Monday. It was reindeer marking whole night as we marked about 450 babies. I had some sleep at day and evening again marking, this time back in home 11pm. Tuesday long day again, gathering reindeer in our home area and marking them, back home little bit after 2 am on Wednesday.

Guiding on Wednesday, that was kind of funny day. First time I couldn’t get contact with guests, yes we talked about fishing but it was really official feeling around. One reason was that he was alone and maybe that kind of type that didn’t like to chat, other one was that he was fishing because he wanted to get fish to eat, not really to learn how to fish and then get one. If you understand what I mean.

he had strike from neck. I realized that it was trout, I was thrilled about situation because he was able to hook running trout from Kuusinki. I was happy for him and excited. He lost the fight after awhile, it was quite close to shore allready and I could see that it was clear running trout little bit over 60 cm. I was sorry for him after loss and he just said that it doesn’t matter because he would had to put it back anyway. (Taking trout on that area was forbidden). It made me almost angry, sad at least when he said so. There are lot of fishermen who dreaming that kind of situation and his only worry was that he couldn’t eat it. Biggest grayling he got was 33 cm which is little bit less than takeable, so he had to go home with empty hands.

Thursday was guiding again and also hay making at night. Waters are still high and fishing is good, even we have had warm week and lot sun, water temps are staying kind of low still.

Now I have to run, river is calling. It is fishing and rafting day.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from north