Merry x-mas from the coast

Merry x-mas from the coast

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 24 December 2017

Like last year, I stay away from all the Christmas chaos and enjoy sea trout fishing in Denmark. The most important thing Lars explained just in his post: stay warm! Specially in the first days it was really cold and not easy to stay in the water for a long time. And it seems that not only me is freezing, also the fish are quite rare. But we could catch some really nice seatrout. Sadly there was again a lot of rainbows getting out in the ocean...

In beginning of Dezember "only" 3'000 rainbows escaped but then another 20'000 fish sadly run now free in the baltic sea.
for the Danish envoirement is that a bad thing, because the rainbows are in competition with the nativ seatrout specially around and in the few rivers there are. So we did our best to help our Danish friends and fished for them :)

We had to drive for a while and fish some spots before we found them, but specially in the first days they stayed close together and we're really easy to catch. It was a little bit like staying at a "easy-access-river" in Alaska when the salom arrived, fishermen started to stay in a row but everybody was cachting and was happy.

And if you ever fish for some escaped fish from a farm there is the way how to go:
- stay at the shore, because they come close
- fish with small flies, because they are picky
- use your eyes!!!! mostly you can spott them in the surface and then cast!
- there are mostly a few on the same place, so just cast on the head of the fish you saw :)
- drill hard, they are heavy but not os good swimmers :(


And here the best "rainbow-fly" Laughing