Merry Fly-Fishing-Mas!

Merry Fly-Fishing-Mas!

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Fly Fishing of course is the best that I can do on the 24th of December - as it is on all other days of the year! Probably I should keep my girlfriend from reading this, but then again she knows me anyway. And this is hard to believe, but she loves me the way I am!

This year I have been fly fishing and fly casting almost every day since the first of January. I missed three days due to travelling and a few days due to being ill though. Now you may think that this is a lot and I must be a very lucky guy. I feel to disagree about the first part since it was just about enough - no more, no less. But yes, I am very lucky to have a girl friend who (*almost) shares the tremendous passion I have for fly fishing. Sharing the most important part of one's live makes it even better to live that part every day all year long. Well, that's how it is for me anyway!

Today we will be fishing the large German river Rhein all day long. Hopefully we will catch a few nice asp and a few nice pike as well. Anyway it will be another fantastic fly fishing day for us.

Tomorrow on the 24th we (I think) will have some casts on trout in a lake and then celebrate Christmas with our family. I am really looking forward to it. To both - the fishing AND being with our family!

Merry FF-Mas to all of you!

All my best

*almost, because she yet believes in/feels for a none fly fishing christmas day.
Of course she might be right!? I will let you know next week. ;)

p.s.: If you haven't started reading the Tuesday front pages written by John Field yet, I recommend to do so. Really great stuff - well worth a read! Thanks John!

Last week was a catchy week again and then some more pics from the current saison on Baltic pike.

fly fishing with Bernd Ziesche