Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Paul Arden | Monday, 25 December 2017

Ashly, Flavio and I have settled nicely into Miena, on the Great Lake in Tasmania. This week we have a good weather window starting today and ending Thursday, and so we will make the most of it, put backpacks on our back and head into the Western Lakes region, camping, fishing and trying to fish as many as the 1000-4000 lakes as possible. (No-one knows how many there are exactly, so we will endevour find out).

The fishing has been good locally, with a nice fish on my birthday and 5 fish each of the following two days -despite the wind - some with polaroiding and others during hatches, but the real fishing, the fishing we have come over for, is out West. Consequently Ashly and I hitched down the mountain back to Launceston for a big shopping yesterday - sleeping bags, stoves, camping food, whisky...

So that's all very exciting. Equally exciting is the Fly Casting Video Manual: 

If you haven't checked this out then please do - it's the old Sexyloops App videos that are now being released as quickly as we can get them out to you. If you have purchased the App in the past then soonish we will have a set of videos you can download for free and keep. (For everyone else it will be very expensive Kiss).

So that's about it really! I'm looking forward to my Xmas fish and especially the four-day fishing weather window we have. Neither Flavio nor Ashly has managed to catch a sight-fished brown trout yet here in Tassie so far. That will change!!!

It's been a while since I've gone fishing with a backpack - it's a special skill fishing with all your luggage on your back - but if you want the best trout fishing in the world (not to mention the best experience) then this is the way to do it. Best of all, many of these lakes don't get fished once in every five years and some less than that...

It's a small slice of heaven - and a surprisingly cold one. 

In this region campfires are not allowed, despite night time temps often dropping to zero. If it's absolute survival then I have no problems surviving, however other than that it means it's going to be early nights and getting up for the early mornings!

We have 50 DT lumi-lines being shipped from RIO. These are very special Sexyloops flylines that should have an intense and long-lasting glow-time. They are DT6 Intermediates - designed to improve your casting (best cast stoned). Seriously, if you want to really learn flycasting then casting one of these flylines in the pitch black is going to take you to another level. I'm very excited to be recieving mine soon. Mind you casting them here, in the Tassie Highlands, is going to be FAR colder than casting them in Malaysia!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, and if you didn't get what you really wanted from Santa...
then don't worry, often the best presents are the ones you buy for yourself, and the Hot Torpedo is the best you'll ever have.

Cheers, MFC and a great day to you all!!!