Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 11 August 2023

Facebook is great. I'm not really a big fan of it anymore, it takes more than it gives. And I mean time. The best side is that it will remind me about memories. In the coming years there will be less of those because I'm not so active there anymore. Only highlights will be published nowadays.

Anyway this week seems to have more highlights than any other week during the year. At the beginning of the week there was a highlight about returning to my Eldorado, Kummaeno, which I found years and years ago while hiking and returned there by helicopter. FP has been written about that.

Then there was a reminder about picking up Ashly and Paul from Lovozero, Russia, problems with the car on the way back and how the last gas station and border was closed when we arrived and opened for us. Memory that I will some day go there by myself and fish Varzina. That one has been done and second trip was planned for year 2020 and postponed for this year, basically I should be going now. But we all know what is going on. All of these had also FP. 

Then we fished together in Kitka river where Paul almost fished right spot, I had casting lesson from Paul in middle of the night in our yard, after few beers. FP has been done about fishing.

Memory about guiding guest from US. Flyfishing shop owner and professional guide from Montana. He named my fishing technique as Mika's grayling dance, first time ever when it was also raining when guiding at river. FP has been written about that also.

Sunday will be memory about my first salmon caught from Teno river. FP Cat and the Salmon has been written.

Oner year it was hiking trip to Swedish mountains, planned hiking was originally 24 km and end up to 36 km on one-way. Fishing was difficult but ended up okay. FP has been written.

So as you can see this week has been good for us always. Great memories and good fishing. This year I had two guiding days, Sunday fly fishing at river. No huge stories for me, nice day. And Wednesday family was fishing on our lake, basic day for me. Family got great memories, 4 rainbow trout caught, two at the same time when we were in the boat, and one from shore right after landed the ones in the boat. I cooked two fish in the open fire as lunch. It was some rain, I will remember that.

Coming weekend might be hay making second time for this summer. Then next Friday I will have group coming for two days and Saturday we start with guest from Germany for one week. Now I have chicken house to built so we would get our own eggs during the winter. Maybe rhis evening little fishing at lake.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing.

Mika the Legend