Viking Lars | Saturday, 13 June 2015

I've spent my outings over the last ten days chasing trout and grayling. It's early June and the mayflies are hatching.

I just haven't hit the right day this year. I'm not sure if the hatches really have been more of a trickle due to the cold spring, or if I simply haven't hit the right days. I've been limited to after-work trips, and in the early evenings the main hatch is usually over.

Then you wait for the spinner fall, but I haven't really hit them either - it's been too windy.

I've caught the odd fish, of course, but no big ones - and I know that they're in there. Even grayling as there's been report of big grayling caught after the great cormorant invasions of the winter 2009-2010, which nearly wiped out the population.

In the picture you can see my favourite mayfly imitation, a simple but effeective fly:
Hook: Long shank, light wire (here: Tiemco 109BL, #7).
Thread: Brown GSP.
Tails: Badger.
Body: Seal's Fur, optional darker thorax.
Rib: Tying thread.
Hackle: Creamy white cock hackle, clipped underneath.
Wing: Olive and yellow deer hair.

The fly floats well, tied fast and lands upright most of the time. Soak the abdomen and press the wing down and it doubles as en emerger.

I'll give it another shot or two next week, but then the hatches will be over and I turn my attention elsewhere. I still haven't caught a salmon this season!

Have a great weekend!