LumiLines, practice and gear

LumiLines, practice and gear

Viking Lars | Saturday, 7 April 2018

LumiLines are here - the new ones, of course. I just got them yesterday afternoon, and I was too tired to try them out immediately. One thing I did notice, just as I went to bed, was the luminescense. I hadn't done anything special to charge them (they sat on the desk under a normal light desk top lamp) and even after a few hours with no direct light, there was a clear glow from the spools. I really think these will light up in the dark :-).

I look forward to trying them, and I'll chop one into towo shootingheads - one for practice and one for fishing. Yes, fishing, I know... I do a lot of night fishing for sea trout on the coast, and I've been entertaining the idea for the last few weeks of fishing a glow-in-the-dark shooting head, and see a lot of advantages. I know that I've been an advocate of less visible flylines for many years, and this more or less is the opposite. But I want to try it, see if it makes a difference, and if not - great, I can see my line in the dark. If it does, I'll just refrain from charging it, or use a different line.

I had a good, long practice Wednesday afternoon and evening - mainly concentrating on my basic stroke, my long carry stroke and "casting far with as little effort as possible" - just because it looks cool and relaxed. And because it's one of the best drills I know for fine tuning line release. I use three different lines when practicing: A Scientific Anglers Mastery ED WF 5 F, Thunderbolt WF 5 F (the orange one) and a shooting head. I switch between them depending on what I'm practicing.

An orange spaghetti and my HT 5 Comp. A wet lawn resulted in cold, wet feet.

When I go out for a practice, I try to remember my little practice kit - containing the following:
A piece of an old towel (for Shoot)
Extra leaders
Leader material (0X and 1X)
A metal tube
All is kept in a small organising bag of course. With this kit I can change leaders (and attach them with nail/needle knot), of course replace the yarn, clean/lubricate the line and so on. At home, I have a 10 minute walk to a park, where I practice, and it's just nice not to have to cut practice short and spend 20 minutes walking back to the house, and then back to park, if I need a replacement leader.

All for now - I have a couple of lines to chop up, chili sauce to make and a confirmation next weekend to prepare :-). Oh - and salmon opening is on April 16th, where I won't have time to fish. 17th, though - and I'll even be in the company of to friends from Slovenia, Tomaz Modic and Andrej Furlan, who both caught salmon last year on the opening. I really look forward to seeing them again.

Have a great weekend!