lucky cap

lucky cap

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 7 July 2023

I have been fishing with the same cap for years. I had that for one tv-shooting as the brand was a sponsor. Since then I have been fishing with the same cap, except late autumn when I have a warmer one. Last year Satu pointed out that it has a smell, it has never been washed. It is my fishing cap, I can't take the risk that something will happen for fishing if the cap is washed or changed.

So the cap still has some smell. You all have something you always use when going fishing, socks, cap, shirt, etc.. for luck. We all know it is not about that yet you always wear the same things and if not you feel insecure.

In Malaysia I used the top hat most of the time when fishing. I started to think that it is because of the hat not catching a fish. Eventually I caught fish with my lucky hat, it makes you wonder. 

So this week I took huge risks and changed my lucky cap. We finally got our new caps with Satu and I have been waiting for mine for a long time.

I accidentally found the right one from a local print house and we decided to make our own as  originally one is not available. So ours are copies kind of. Anyway I had guiding on Wednesday with a new cap. 

I truly had some worries about how it would go. And all those worries came with the hat. Am I superstitious? NO, YES.... I don't know. Some yes, not at all, depends on the thing. Everything just because of the hat.

So I started with them, father and son, never had fly fishing before. Short basics about roll casting, then how to fish and let's go. I got son fishing helped him that he got idea what and how. Then I dropped dad on his spot just little dowstream so I can watch him. Back to the son, 12yrs, doing nicely. Roll cast goes nicely, some small things but he fix them when mentioned. First grayling caught quite fast also. We spent some time so I can teach him to hold fish if taking photos and especially how to get fish to recover. First grayling was 32 cm, nice start.


Dad struggled with casting so I went help him. Okay now he can do it. So back to the son, he is allready fighting with another grayling. I teach how to land fish without landing net, that one was smaller one. I'm staying with son most of the time, he is VIP and dad is just paying. That is how it always works.

Son caught grayling no 3, in this point I know that new cap is okay. Dad has got nothing so I take him to spot where son was fishing. We start to train back casting with son. He wants to try, I see that he can do it and I know dry fly fishing will be awesome at the moment.

So training and when he got it he start with dries. He miss first fish fast, suprised how everything is happening when you can see the fish coming. Second one missed also, too late reaction again. Then next one he caught, and now he has lost his heart for fly fishing and dry flies. He told that his record is 8 kg salmon from last summer with lure. Well he had a fight and landing, the guide has been rowing and doing the main work for strike.


We have picnic and change area, new spot which is really good for fishing. Absolutely great evening continued with dries. Son got totally 9 grayling, biggest one 35 cm. Dad got one grayling and one tiny trout with nymph.

When returning to cabin son sit on front and want to know everything, million questions. I tell dad that this will cost some more money than just a trip. He laughed and doesn't mind about money.

My new cap is working all right. I don't have to worry about that. Last hay making during weekend and some fishing has to be included. Thomas came again yesterday evening so some nice time coming ahead.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland 

Ps. I have permission to use photos from trip.