Luck Of The Draw

Luck Of The Draw

Andy Dear | Thursday, 19 November 2020


  For the past 4 years, my family and I have spent the Thanksgiving Holiday at one of several different locations on the Texas Coast. My wife grew up a beach girl in the city of Galveston, and of course, my son and I are rabid saltwater fisherman, so time spent near saltwater is nothing foreign to any of us. This year, as all of us are aware has been radically different though. Several months ago we started planning our trip down to Indianola for our annual fall fishing trip, and to all of our surprise, there were no hotels or rental properties available until well into the month of December.

  One particular location we like to stay at is a small waterfront fishing cabin right on the waterfront of Matagorda Bay. Not only is it a humble yet picturesque beach home, it boasts  a private lighted fishing pier and is literally a 3-minute drive from my favorite Kayak launch spot. Sadly, it too was booked for the entire week of Thanksgiving. After much consternation, we finally resolved ourselves to spending Thanksgiving at home in the Hill Country by ourselves. I don’t mean for that to sound like a bad thing, because after the year we’ve had, I am just thankful that we're all alive, healthy, and still fully employed.

  For some reason, on a whim last week, I felt compelled to jump on the Air BNB website, in hopes that on the outside chance, something had become available whereby we might be able to still make the trip. Unbelievably, our favorite cabin had become available the entire week of Thanksgiving. Just to make sure I hadn’t encountered some kind of scheduling glitch in the reservation system, I immediately texted my wife to have her confirm, which she did. Long story short, the family that had the cabin reserved was from out of state, and due to the current Coronavirus restrictions and a possible interstate travel quarantine, they chose to cancel their trip to Indianola. Emily immediately booked the place, and so our annual sojourn to torment the Redfish of Powderhorn Lake is officially back on in a BIG way.

Current weather forecasts are calling for mild conditions with little to no wind, so the stars are lining up for stallar trip. I’m feeling so lucky I may stop on the way home and purchase a lottery ticket.

Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy!