Lots of fishing - Asp - Carp and Mushrooms

Lots of fishing - Asp - Carp and Mushrooms

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A fantastic week it was. I couldn't have fished more since I almost didn't do anything else but looking for mushrooms when changing the fishing spot. Yet the truly big asp is still to come but we caught several proper ones last week while searching the large river Elbe by boat.

Hansi (a good friend of mine) was mainly fishing with the spinning rod while I was fishing fly only as always. I am really glad Hansi likes to fish the spinning rod too, because I don't. We compared both methods - spinn and fly fishing, for catching asp.

Clearly asp are easier to catch on spinning gear since you can move your lure faster and its easier to get down deep in heavy currents. And then there are some pretty well working spinners (for example those made by Mepps) attracting asp often.

On the other hand as a fly fisherman I did learn (find) ways for an extra fast retrieve as well as I designed some pretty excellent flies for asp - poppers, fast sinking (heavy jigging) and smooth action flies. Some for each situation I may get into.

At the end both Hansi and I were even in the number of caught asp - leaving the small ones aside that was. Small ones are easy to catch on fly. So we din't count those in. Fair to say I had to work very hard to come even. :)

If I would have to pick one strategy when fly fishing for asp it would be to move the fly in medium speed over the fish but have the fly go crazy. That is done by very short but extremely fast and agressive pulls. That sort of movement often (not always) succeeded when other retrieves failed. I should add that this art of retrieving my fly made for some heavy pain in my arms and wrists after two days 10 hours fishing each day.
Anyway when you see an asp chasing some small fish you may want to give this way of retrieving your fly a chance. ;)

Besides chasing asp I also had some short sessions on carp again. Since I understand the details of carp behaviour pretty well they are much easier to catch for me (compared to large asp).

So I will keep on focusing on large asp for the next week as well - way to go!

Next update on Wednesday...

Now that Paul is coming to Europe for 3 weeks I hope we manage to fish together!

Fantastic week to all of you!

All my best

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