Longest Friday

Longest Friday

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 15 April 2022

Past week we had various weather, snowing, sunshine, sleet, snowing, sun….. Those are marks, that spring is coming among that we had castrate some reindeer. We have put some gps device for our boys and they have started pre holiday. Not out from fence yet but being together with main herd, with females and calves. Next week we handle main herd and then reindeer are pretty much ready to go, snow needs to melt more but otherwise.

During the Easter we normally go ice fishing to our lake. I think this year it will be same, at least it is beautiful weather right now. Sunshine, not much wind, just perfect. It will be at the same time some casting practise. So today it will be ice fishing and casting, tomorrow hopefully same etc.

We got some tips for snakehead casts and now it is time to practise more. I haven’t totally solved our issue with snow etc, but we practise anyway. Days are long all ready, daylight is coming around 5 am and dark around 10pm. And days are getting longer fast.

Reindeer sleigh ride-season has ended. I have next week one bigger ice fishing guiding to come and then two weeks from now we have ice fishing competition event on our lake. That will end winter season. One of the best thing on that event is that we have to stock some extra rainbow trout. Company will pay those and left overs will be ours. So after comp there will just right amount of rainbow trout on our lake. They will catch about half what we stock.

On coming summer it will be blast on our lake. It won’t be easy and still there are enough fish so if you do some things right you should catch some. It will be good spot especially for kids. And if you stay overnight in our Nook, you will have access to our lake for free.

Spring is coming and summer, now I can feeeel it in my heart and soul.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland

Ps. those are the balls which does not exist anymore