Viking Lars | Saturday, 25 April 2020

I took up leather work some years ago - primarily to make leather sheaths for knives I make myself, and make sheaths for some knives I had bought. The (really nice) knives came with boring index, plastic sheaths, and that’s a shame. So I began making sheaths and other items and of course, even that hobby began merging with fly fishing. I’ve made many fly fishing related items in leather over the years, and a few years ago, I began making fly pouches.

The first ones I made with sheep’s fleece to hold the flies, but barbless flies tend to fall out and I just didn’t really like that solution.

So I began making them with old-style clip plates in stead and I’m really pleased with that solution. The clips hold the flies very well (and in nice, orderly rows - yes, I appreciate that, that’s just how it is and I embrace it). The metal plate also adds some rigidity to the pouch, which suits it well.

It’s made of fairly heavy leather, so the flies are quite well protected and being an open design, the flies dry fast. If there’s one thing I’m not pleased with is that it’s not suited for saltwater. The snaps I use corrode fast and the steel clips aren’t too happy about saltwater water. But for nymphs, salmon/sea trout flies, wets, fresh water streamers etc. they are excellent.

I don’t remember how many I’ve made, and I’ve given them all away to gifts for friends and I’ve finally gotten around to making one for myself (not done yet).

I hope to finish my own one for salmon flies this weekend!

Have a great weekend!