Learning moment

Learning moment

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 13 August 2021

Last weekend was interesting. There were many teams practising for world championships, and then there were my guests. First day guests were fishing some comp waters, just testing how good waters there will be during the comp. Second day one of the guests finally had click in the brains.

Friday we were in lower part of Kitka. It is always good mostly even great fishing. It was not dissappoiment this time neither. There is change that during comp someone could get even 60 fish from beat. Again in Kitka graylings where coming just next to feet. I had explain many times to same guests about how to fish them and different techniques for that. They have been more or less unwilling to follow my instructions, typical Finnish men.

Anyway superpupa was working so well in the beginning of day that they had problems to start nymphing. When I finally got them to do so, they just couldn’t see how to do it. I showed to them, explained, hooked few fish just to show them how. And no, they were like little kids complaining how it does not work etc. Totally we got few ten graylings as biggest were 37 and 38 cm. So it was good day even most of the fish came with superpupa.

Second day was at Kuusinki and really down part of that. France team were practising in the same area. So nymphing waters were more or less occupied. So we continued with superpupa and I was nymphing some spots which were out of reach from guests. I have rule that they should wade deeper than knee, it is just security issue. We got few smaller graylings and I got some +35 cm and got line with one bigger. (My mistake, I will never use that line ever never again). My ”success” made one of the guest try harder for nymphing. He was basicly only one who didn’t see how it works.

So he started to wade sidestream and looking some holes. Eventually he found one good spot/hole just before side was connecting to main stream. He started sight fishing with nymphing. He got one and lost another one. Then break and he was so excited about that he basicly stand on same place rest of the day spotting graylings and fishing those. He really learned what it means when you learn to dip fly. He could see how graylings react for different situations when fly comes with flow.  When he finally got and learned more about fish behavior, he start to really had success. He probably landed 6 or 7 fish totally in same spot during the day and all of them where around 35 cm. We had difficulties to get him out of water.

On the way back to lodge he was still going thru about how fish took and when not. I have been looking two summers when he just can’t get that and now finally we hit the goal. I was so happy about him. He will get during the next summer more and more fish and he will get better with fishing faster now.

Now I have to run, we have competition meeting. I will be working during the comp, so next week hopefully I can give report what I have learn from the best fishermen in the world.

have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland