LCB Furled Damsel video

LCB Furled Damsel video

Viking Lars | Saturday, 2 February 2019

In March last year, I did a front page on two different damsel patterns (my own LCB Furled Damsel and the Arden Damsel). We’re experiencing sub-zero temps all around the clock these days in Denmark, so I’m not fishing at the moment. And so, I’m tying flies.

I was tying up a batch of both patterns (again). I was down to one furled damsel, and only brown Arden Damsel (you need brown and olive). I actually got a couple of messages last year asking how the LCB Furled Damsel was tied,  so as I was tying anyway, I decided to shoot a video of tying the LCB Furled Damsel.

The video is now up on the Ahrex YouTube channel (with cool banjo music for your viewing and listening pleasure). It is in fact a relatively simple tie, and if you don’t have UV-resin, just use a small dab of superglue to secure the “tail to the tail”. The rest is all common flitting materials, and you can of course substitute to suit whatever you have in your collection.

Both the LCB Furled Damsel and Arden Damsel are some of my favourite lake flies that always seem to be able to pick up a fish.

Have a great weekend,