Last week in the Jungle

Last week in the Jungle

Paul Arden | Monday, 30 July 2018

It’s my last week here for the time being. Five more days of fishing, 20 minutes of packing, then it’s all hell for leather off to KL and then onto England. The world championships are coming up soon (I’ve started practising!) and there is a Sexyloops Hot Torpedo Owners meet the weekend after.

At the end of September I’m racing in a triathlon with my sister in Portugal (I have started training!), then middle of October it’s back to Malaysia for a fly fishing show at the end of that month and then it’s Jungle Perch time in the Wet Season. Fantastic!!

Gary’s page from last week reminded me of some fun I had with (I think) a pumpkinseed fish in Hungary. I had just finished running around the lake and had gone in for a dip when I noticed a small fish nesting and decided to see what would happen if I dropped a nymph down to say hello. 

Well what followed was some of the most fun I’ve had fishing. I dropped the small gold head into the nest and the little fish picked it up, swam with it away from the nest and placed it down about a foot away. I jiggled the nymph around and moved it one inch closer. The fish got very pissed off with this, swam over and picked it up again to place it further away... 

Of course it didn’t stop there, because I picked it up and dropped it back into the nest. Thoroughly pissed off now the fish bristled its fins, picked the fly up and swam with it at least a metre away. Only for the nymph to reappear again in its nest before it had returned. We played this game for about half an hour!

Have a fun week and I hope to see many of you at the Worlds and the Sexyloops Meet the weekend after. 


PS Today’s pic is Dirk and his Toman from the weekend and also a big congratulations to Alessandro for catching his first Toman on fly! A great weekend :)