Kun keinot loppuu otetaan konstit käyttöön

Kun keinot loppuu otetaan konstit käyttöön

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 6 September 2019

It is saying in Finnish. Google translate will give result ” When the constants run out, the means are put in place” or “when the means run out, the Constituents are introduced”. Finnish is difficult. Google should know everything but I’m not sure if translation is even close what this “Kun keinot loppuu otetaan konstit käyttöön” means. Or if you got idea what it means. But…. it is probably something almost every fisherman has done or guides at least. You probably know “ace up the sleeves” or “I have something in my back pocket”. These two are just kindergarten stuff. Kun keinot loppuu otetaan konstit käyttöön is much more, it really measure what you know or if you are able to intergrate your skills.

Last week I had to do this, when constants run out, the means are put in place. I was guiding family from Germany. We headed to our lake and everything looked good. Nice weather, little bit wind but not too much, warm enough that there is hatching and fish are active. They were spinners, so I didn’t have any flies with me. If you are angler you can imitate flyfishing with bubble and flies which can be really effective way of fishing sometimes. ( but you won’t beat flyfisherman anyway). I made few casts before family came and had nothing, not even bite. For me it was sign of difficulties but I didn’t listen my inner voice. I thought that it will change anyway during the evening.

So family arrived and we had walk to lake and started to fish. We started on other side of lake than normally because from there you could reach boundary between wind and calm. That is where most of rainbow trouts can be reach. Also calm water was on our side so it was possible to fish areas where was hatching and rising fishes. They fished two hours, nothing. We tried small, big, jigs, dark, bright…. everything but nothing. (I had one perch striking and following lure, but that’s all). Their son started to be frustrated and call the break. We had lunch and I got some time to think about what next.

After lunch we took boat with boy so we could cover bigger area and try something at the same time. I put wobbler behind the boat and started to row slowly. Boy was spinning while we moved around lake. Parents fished from decks and shore. We changed lures and covered whole lake, saw some rises now and then but no bites. I started to change my rowing technique, row from left, row from right. That how you can fish whitefish in midsummer with small floating wobbler. (size max 3 cm) Every other row wobbler is diving and every other is rising to surface, this is way to imitate fly. We got finally one strike but boy was too fast to grap rod and I was too slow to hook fish with fast rowing. Fish was on 2 seconds and then loose. Good sign but then nothing for 30 minutes. So I made decission to start perch fishing, there is good spot for perch and sometimes you can have pike or rainbow from there. It is shallow place with yellow waterlily. Boy started to fish and finally some success, he got nice perch. Wind took us on the other shore and we talked with parents shortly. Dad had some action with pike earlier so maybe it was changing finally. I still was aiming to have rainbow trout on boy’s rod and I knew that it would be nice bonus. He can fish perch and pike at home also.

Nearby our perch spot we saw rises all the time but we didn’t have success earlier with them anyhow. We went thru the lake, wobbler behind us and boy angling with spoon. We arrived to perch spot but this time I made decision to try something extra ordinary. I left small wobbler floating about 20 meters behind the boat. Boy was spinning on perch spot and I stared at wobbler which was floating on surface. I hold the oars ready to make strike back with sculling if needed, 2 minutes, 5 minutes nothing to wobbler, nothing for boy. Then it happens, rise to wobbler. I made few strong fast strokes to hook on fish. Boy turned to pick rod. ( it was partly behind his rod so he could felt strikes). He took rod with wobbler and gave his spinning rod to me.

I asked if he still had fish because it looks like sometime that there was nothing. Fish was coming straight against boat. I was reeling in boys spinning rod, just in case if other fish would make some turns etc. And there was fish also, I reeled in nice size perch but didn’t have time to focus on that now. Boy got line tight and we saw that it was nice size fish. It came easily next to boat and then it started to pull. Now I saw that it was whitefish. Next problem……. whitefish has soft mouth and it is really easy to loose especially with so short line. I told boy to loose break but he was first tighten it and then able to loose. We were in control now. Rod was soft so it was helping us a lot. After few heavy pulls and dives under boat. (I had to turn boat little bit to keep fish away), we were able land nice 48 whitefish (I think it is Felchen in German). It was time to go on shore, we had difficult but good fishing in the end.

So what Kun keinot loppuu otetaan konstit käyttöön means (” When the constants run out, the means are put in place” or “when the means run out, the Constituents are introduced”). It means that when you are in out of means or don’t have equipment what you need exactly…. you figured out, combine your knowledge, experience. You might think that it is tricks but it is not, it is like a force, let it be with you.

Once I had only hook, line and some rope and tape. So I dismantled rope to took some fibres, I used tape to attached those to hook…. tadaa I had fly which I could get same rising fish while checking one pond.

Have a nice weekend and if you are out of means take constituents on use

Mika from Finland

 Ps. I had another day with them also and we went fishing for grayling.