t.z. | Friday, 13 July 2018

Scandinavian inventions. The Vikings are smart when it comes to coming up with small solutions to every day problems. IKEA is maybe one of the most known, but have you seen the fold-a-cup?

It’s a nifty little cup made from soft plastics so it fold in itself an so takes almost no space in your pocket or pack. Taking a cup along on the hike and travel is an age old concept. Maybe the most original one is the cup made from wood. Up in the north they call it kuksa. I like them very much. They are nice to the hand sand you don’t burn your fingers when holding a warm beverage in the them.

However, these devices are used to drink water too. Water from lakes, rivers and creeks.

So for me the kuksa is much more than just another cup. I wouldn’t pour some sugar loaded black water in it either. I carry it on me to drink the water around me. Hang on you say - you cant do that everywhere. Exactly my point. I let this device decide where I go fishing. Wherever I can not use my kuksa I do not go. I do not see the point in fishing water I can not even drink.

I found a manual online for making your own. http://www.jonsbushcraft.com/kuksa%20tutorial.htm Nonetheless a very interesting website with a lot cool  manuals on how to manufacture stuff from birch bark and other things.