Keeping busy

Keeping busy

Tracy&James | Sunday, 12 March 2023

I can’t believe it half way through March and I haven’t yet been fishing on the Dee this year. The weather over the last few months has either been particularly wet, windy or both and lately we’ve had snow. So instead we’ve been casting when we can, sometimes testing new lines and generally preparing for this year’s competitions. The first is only in two weeks in Cheshire and it should be a good comp as King Bart is coming over for it, as is Steve. The weekend following this is the UK Championships in Cumbria. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the UK team and catching up around the casting events.

There’s a new World competition that has just been announced in Italy that James and I are considering attending in early May, although the travel arrangement to get there don’t look straightforward. Then we have the Kent BFCC Meeting in late May. We agreed to hold an event over the weekend on 24/25 June to support the SIM World Fly Fishing Day, though as yet we have not determined where this might be – perhaps Cheshire again?

July is going to busy as we’re supporting casting competitions at the Scottish Game Fair at the start of the month and at the Ragley GF at the end of July. We’ve only just determined the date for the Derbyshire BFCC Meeting that is looking likely to be the 19th August. Then we have the Welsh GF in early September and the BFCC Essex meeting on October 1st.

Other meetings yet to be determined include Jersey and the South-West BFCC Meetings and there’s a possibility for something in Yorkshire. Also there’s the Sexyloops 25thgathering that could be in September…but Paul’s planning that one so it could be anytime and anywhere!

So overall it’s a busy time, and I have yet to arrange any of our saltwater trips to catch bones – in fact I still haven’t claimed my prize for catching the first bone on our last trip. Maybe that’s something I can sort in the next week or so as well as going fishing on the Dee.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, enjoy