Just before winter

Just before winter

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 15 October 2021

It has been busy week. There are so many things which needs to be done before winter. We have been fixing round up fences and making things ready at the farm. Round up season has started and tomorrow again we are back in the forest.

My waders are hanging in our office and I should sent them to manufacture for fixing and maintaining. Those has last nicely three fishing season and I’m happy with those. I am even thinking to buy another similar just in case waders. It seems that I need to buy new wading shoes and that it not making me happy. Shoes are still in good shape but I can’t find studs for those anymore. Manufacture has ended to make short studs and new ones has different kind of attachment. This is something I hate. I know that previous attachment was not perfect one, still working anyway. Now they changed it that new studs can not be used in old shoes and old studs are impossible to find from Finland at least. That is forced sale and I hate it.

Anyway I could use old ones for guests and have new for me but…. I don’t know. I was chatting couple of weeks ago with Paul and he got me planning fishing trip. I’m really excited about that. I just can’t get my thoughts out from coming May. Satu doesn’t know my plans yet even she will be joining. (could be that she is stalking this and then I have again some things to explain). Anyway I have been watching flights to Malesia, that will be anyway different story.

Forecast is that first snow is coming on Saturday. River season has ended. I do have some request for fishing for next two weeks, those I need to check when I see how weather goes. It is totally possible that one morning our lake is frozen and that is end of season. I have some icefishing trips booked and winter looks good again. It has been crazy 18 months and now there is some light in tunnel. (I’m not sure if it is train or end of tunnel)

While waiting what the light is I will be planning and learning for coming fishing trip, I am really looking forward to that, which reminds me that It is good time to any of you to start planning next summer. It will be easier to get accomandation, guides etc when you do it now.

Have a nice weekend

Mika the Legend