Jersey Rocks

Jersey Rocks

Tracy&James | Thursday, 28 September 2017

Tracy and I have not long arrived back from our trip to Jersey where we were shore fishing and helping to run a casting competition on behalf of the BFCC in conjunction with the Jersey Fly Fishers (JFF). We’d both like to thank Ross, Bob and Kevin for taking the time to guide us around their favourite fishing spots and to the rest of the JFF for their generous hospitality.

Coastal fly fishing around the UK is always going to be a tough proposition and catching any fish should be seen as a bonus rather than an expectation. As it turned out we all managed to catch fish over the course of the weekend with bass, wrasse and gobies landed whilst fly-fishing (plus some additional wrasse with addition of some limpets). Catching over-sized gobies from rock pools became something of a new niche sport for the BFCC members – with Zhongxiang and Tracy both tempting them after I got the ball rolling with one from a pool so small that I had to use just the top two sections of my rod to fish my Clouser pattern. I think these gobies get to the size they do by eating all the other gobies in their particular pool as the one I caught had the tail of a smaller fish protruding from its mouth when I landed it.

Our guides for the fishing were very conscious of the safety aspects of fishing around Jersey, with the main hazards being the very large tides (10m and above) and the rocky terrain.  Zhongxiang has first-hand experience of getting cut-off by a rapidly flooding tide there, having been rescued last time he visited the island.  This time he managed to completely smash his newly acquired stripping basket during a fall on some rocks (better than smashing his hip though) whilst I managed to dunk myself twice in a day from clumsy wading over kelp covered boulders (this finished off my mobile phone, so if I haven’t responded to a call or message you now know why).  So if you’re planning on this type of fishing you should absolutely know the tides and the area you’re in.

The casting competition on the Saturday had a keen turn-out.  We managed to cast all seven BFCC events, although with just the morning for the distance disciplines it was a little rushed.  There had been some significant improvements since some of the Jersey casters had last competed in Oswestry with Ross taking an event win with the ST27 and Kevin winning the T120 (his tournament beachcasting skills coming to the fore).  In a more leisurely afternoon session Tracy took the win in the accuracy competition – after winning the ‘qualification’ we made her cast in a final to prove it wasn’t a fluke, after winning again she refused the offer of ‘best of three’. Smile My own casting was not where I hoped it would be given the good conditions, I’m reasonably happy with my practice distances so I need to work on not going to pot when up against the timer. 

We now have only one BFCC casting competition day left this year in Bentley, Essex on the 8th of October.  Here the BFCC British Championship will be decided, with Matt Tonkin in pole position to round off a great year with the trophy (not that the trophy actually exists, it’s more of a virtual trophy at this point) .  If you’re thinking of going then please get in touch with the club via Facebook or e-mail.

Have a great weekend,

accuracy 2

Bob bass

broken line tray

James Bass

James goby

James Wrasse

Kevin jersey

Kevin n Peter

kevin wrasse


Ross casting

T120 demo

Tracy Bass

Tracy casting

tracy goby

Zhongxiang casting