It's Quiet

It's Quiet

Glenda | Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The board is quiet, my explorations are nil but I am still practising my casting. The double haul is on its way and then after that, I want to practise getting a lot more line out... before that however, I will send a video to the Instructor to get his opinion. I may even post it here for all to see.... ha!!! And of course, I will be going out to fish, putting into practice all I have learned about salt water fly fishing - many people have contributed and for that I am grateful.

Mobile3 383 The video this week is a man called Jeff Cassidy fishing for dusky flathead on fly in Pine River, Queensland (about 30 kms north of Brisbane). I like the fact he explains his rig.  You may need to turn the sound right up as the video is a little low on volume.

I will be picking up a new spool tomorrow and can't wait to try it out on the water with my 8wt Torpedo. I will be targeting large fish (a flathead would be nice.....well, any fish would be nice!)

Otherwise, a very quiet week for me.  I spent some time in the fly fish shop with Captain Gavin Platz last week and was going to yesterday as well but Capt. Gavin had to close the shop for one day due to him being so ill.  I still have a lot to learn for his customers so I am in "asking questions" mode at the moment.  Much to my delight, Gavin is very happy to answer all stupid questions.  And I missed out of going on the boat again with Gavin in the pursuit of long tail tuna last week.  Such a pity - I would have liked to try some of the new casting techniques I have learned over the last couple of months. There is always next season!!  One thing I should add is Gavin actually taught me the backward cast when I went out with him the first time. This was to ensure I did not hook up my boat buddy.... don't get me wrong, my boat buddy had to do the same when the casting side of the boat shifted from one side to the other.

I was going to add some photos of the shop and Gavin just in case you are ever on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and need supplies or just a chat with a very friendly and helpful Captain but I didn't get the chance this week - will do so another time.  Instead, a nice green scene with some water and fly fishing anglers in the a shed, a boat, a windmill and a vehicle.....

happy fishing, cheers Glenda
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