It's all about to happen.. (again!)

It's all about to happen.. (again!)

Paul Arden | Monday, 9 November 2015

It's taken a long time, but I'm now ready to start shooting video of the fantastic fishing to be had here on Lake Temenggor, North Malaysia. The fishing here is challenging enough at the best of times, and trying to angle the boat so that a mounted video camera can shoot the action just makes everything a whole lot more complicated! Today I was experimenting with a GoPro mounted to a paddle, tied to the bow of the boat. Surprisingly - apart from steaming up - it worked. So that's exciting!

The Wet Season has arrived. What this might mean is that I do some work, involve sponsors, combine the Sexyloops Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, edit months and months of previous video footage, finish the Great Sexyloops Fly Swap, catch up on a million and one emails, finalise the Sexyloops Pro Instructors Team, have some cool T-shirts manufactured, develop more Hot Torpedo rods or... get soaked fly fishing in the rain! Hopefully all this will happen and more!! Cool

The past few days I've been trying to catch up with work while sitting in a bar. I thought this was inspired thinking, but it doesn't work, because no sooner have you started working and someone you know joins you and before you know it it's 4am and closing time. So tonight I've taken off down the lake, hoping that this will work, however I can see that this also might prove difficult because the lake is lumpy and I can hear storms closing in all around me. This is what life is like, out here on the edge, when you don't have an office.

I've been finding it difficult but am slowly regrounding myself so that I can incorporate more Sexyloops "work" into my daily schedule, as well as more physical activity that isn't just fishing fishing fishing - I went for a morning swim today, for example, before picking up the rod - two laps of the pool. I've been immersed now in "only fishing" for so long, that this is not easy, despite being almost essential. Currently I've a strange outlook on life, that anything that is not actually fishing is a complete waste of time, and so my way of changing this is by telling myself that any fish not caught on video camera is now a wasted catch. Let's see how this works out!

So what great insights can I give you this week? Well let me let you in on a little secret. If you want to be a really great fly fisherman, then you must become a great fly caster too. There are lots of reasons why you may not catch fish, but not being able to make the shot should never be one of them. And being able to make the shot opens up the doors to all sorts of fly fishing knowledge. This Temenggor fishery really suits me as a fly fisherman, partly because it's a real trophy water, with at least one unexplored fly fishing species, it is predominantly a sight fishery, it is a "casting shot" fishery and the fish, once hooked, try to pull you overboard. In all my years of fly fishing (35 now!) I have not experienced anything anywhere that is so casting-centric. It is SO addictive! And of course this explains why I'm not getting any work done either Tongue Out

Hopefully over the forthcoming months I'll be able to show you what makes this place, and my life of living on a small boat here in the jungle, so special. I'm planning on being here for the next four months. This week I'll start videoing large Snakehead being caught - you're not going to believe what you see! It is AMAZING!!!

Have a great week all and think about joining me sometime. You won't have to sleep under my car but you might meet elephants!

Cheers, Paul