It’s all about to...

It’s all about to...

Paul Arden | Monday, 23 November 2020

James’ FP yesterday struck a real chord with me. It’s the same for me on the lake here. I have “The Squiggles”, Ant Island, Millipede Island, Snake Island, Elephant Island, Spooky Island, Snakehead City, Gourami Bay, Millipede Island (AKA Martyn’s Inferno, due to a rather large campfire) and so on. Which reminds me of a joke I attribute to my Grandfather (which may be incorrect by the way)...

Indian Chief (is that Native American nowadays?) is asked by his son, “How did you come to name us children, great father?”

To which he replies, “At the moment of orgasm when your dear respected mother and i conceived your elder brother, the first thing I saw when I looked up was a running bear, so I named him ‘Running Bear’. And then, when we conceived your sister, at the moment of orgasm the first thing I saw when I looked up was a misty mountain, so I named her ‘Misty Mountain’. Why do you ask, Two-dogs Fucking?”

And no, that’s not how Ashly and I came to name the Belum-Temenggor lake! Or maybe it is?

It’s been quite a chaotic few days for me. I’m presenting two episodes for an upcoming TV show this week. And of course, we had a fuel leak in the boat, Ashly lost a pot lid while washing (I did the same the week before, so it can happen to anyone), and I’ve had to organise food for three days for five people and petrol and beer supplies. Sounds easy but when your day involves taking the floor panels apart trying to find out how 70litres of fuel missed the tank and somehow ended up in the hull, it tends to add up.

Anyway all good now. I even caught a fish last week - but between you and me I’ve been “resting it” for this week! And NOW it’s all about to happen!!

I won’t be around for the next days and very limited all week to be honest, but don’t let that stop you ordering a new flyrod, because I will be in and out of coverage, keeping the Sexyloops machine oiled and running!

Wish me luck by the way. This is my “home water” so I expect to positively nail it.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul