It's all about the right tactic

It's all about the right tactic

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 25 October 2017

During the past week we met a lot of fly fishermen who didn't succeed in catching a pike on fly here on Rügen Island - Germany. BUT we did catch a shit load of fish based on having found the right tactics.

And that is what to me a proper guide offering hosted fly fishing trips is all about: He will help you to understand the different tactics and when exactly to use them. I can't change the fishing situation as it is - and at the moment it is quite difficult. But I come along with a large tool box full of different tactics in order to support some pikes attacking YOUR fly.

At the moment we have:

- high level in salt concentration = most pike won't eat

- high water level making it hard to reach some of the best spots

- 7 to 9 °C temperature drop

- crystal clear water due to unusual low winds for a whole week = pikes are able to see (and feel) a lot of details around our fly (and it's movement)

- high fishing pressure

- lots of well educated pikes

All that making it pretty hard to fool some pike, especially the bigger ones.

Anyway our guests so far caught a good number of pikes coming in a proper average size. Yet we topped out at 114cm. Most pikes were in between 65 to 90cm though.

Still we have 12°C in the water making for good fighters.

Lots of pikes we caught behind the floating line in no more than 1m water depth, great fun since we saw a lot of pikes coming towards the fly in high speed.

Well, what can I say - It's 2am and I need a few hours sleeping now in order to be in excellent conditions in the morning. Another great fishing (catching?) day is ahead!

Great week to all of you!

All my best

Some pictures of the past week!