Itchy on the balls

Itchy on the balls

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 30 July 2021

This week was little bit more quite with fishing. One day teaching casting and fishing techniques, one tvshoot and one about full day guiding. It is amazing how fast water levels can go down. Temps are okay now even level has go down. Colder nights and coolers days has been taking care of that. That is great news. Forecast is that we will have heavy rain on coming days so levels should go higher again. Let’s go on my itchy balls.

Tuesday I had teaching day, it was good day and we got during fishing some fish and many rises. We started casting lesson in front of mirror, just with hand to find right motions. It might sound funny but for people who have never hold rod or made casting with flyfishing, it seems to be fastest way to learn motions. Then I gave reel and first part of rod, moves seems to change little bit in start but it is easy and fast to be selflearning when you watch mirror.

Then outside with rod, line etc. Casting practise, roll cast was fast and easy learned, it looked even little bit too easy and good. Then overhead casting, and normal difficulties started. My student was a woman, and she had normal beginners difficulties, over using wrist. I would say that 95 % from woman students has that problem, casting is otherwise good even great but then they use wrist during backcast and rod is almost turning to horizontal. So I had to put rod’s but under sleeve, helps fast. Timing was also problem in the beginning but it was easily fixed with little bit longer line. And during fishing it was not problem at all.

Wednesday I had some tvshooting. I hope that at least one of the fishes went on camera. It is not easy thing. I told to cameraman where to get drone and what to film, cast, fly going downstream rise and hooked. Was camera following that is different thing. On next one cameraman was filming with hand-camera, I hooked fish and turned to see if cameraman had it. He was just changing the place. There was one of my fishing guest nearby and he lauhged that it is not easy job to keep cameraman in order and fishing. Great shooting session anyway and we will continue on coming winter and next summer.

Finally itchy on my balls. I had booking from guest, who had fished with me 4 years ago. He got his first ever trout on that trip. It was great day overall also. Now he had friend with him. We didn’t spoke about possible catches or anything like that, it was mostly just to have good fishing day and learn some new spots for them. They both are fishing with spinning so there are lot of good waters dropping out. Also there are lot good waters still on the list. I had straight away feeling that we need to go to Kuusinki and down part of that.  Booking was made two weeks before trip. During the week I was watching how water level is going down and how weather is changing. I got still was sure about Kuusinki but where in there. I picked up guests on Thursday morning and while driving I notice that car is going as down as possible of Kuusinki.

It had been few good sunny days and now it was cooler just +14 celsius and forecast was some rain. I kind had the feeling that Saunavaara is the area we have to fish. I know that it is good grayling fishing, possibility for running trout and some good size asp. (My record is 2,3 kg) When we came to river it was shock to me, I have never seen so low water level on that area and it was possible to cross river from where ever you want. There was still those good spots but not as good as there are normally. I had to put myself back together fast.

We talked about spots and water level, about weather etc. Everyone knew that this will not be day of easy catch. We started strong anyway and fast caught okay size asp. Then it died. Time to change spot, guests wanted to have beer and had one for me also. Before break we had moved to spot which I thought would be the day saver. We had beers and talked about fishing, how weather is effecting etc. It started to rain and guys where asking if it will help us. I said that it depends if it will stay like this or coming heavier, if like this it will be good for us.

Rain stayed like that and we had finished our beers. I showed spots and they started to fish. Only few cast and Tuukka got grayling, about 30 cm. Jokke came to see and took photos. I was just thinking that okay now the game is on. My phone was ringing and I had to take that one. Boys where still working with grayling and I was speaking on the phone. Suddenly I had some much more urgent to do and just said to the phone, trout on, we talk later.

Afterwards Jokke said that, he saw something turning on the surface while helping Tuukka. Because Jokke is gentleman he asked from Tuukka if he can make cast. (Jokke was only one who had see the turn). Tuukka said that of course it is okay. Cast and kaboom, I saw the strike while speaking on the phone. Absolutely insane take, beatiful etc you got the idea. Jokke started fight with fish. I started to give some instructions. And also recovered that grayling during that, there was lot of things happening at the same time.

Jokke was all the time over the game and there was only two runs which shortly looked dangerous. I told him not to pull rod (it seems to be funny habit, like they would fight with tunas), he was playing with brake nicely and then it started time to land. I went down from fish and gave instructions how Jokke needs to move, we have to keep distance and line out. If trout takes run we rod can do its part and also that in shallow water trout could get more aggressive. I saw that it is ready to land, as you know trout has different kind of tail than salmon. Salmon is easy to take next to tail but trout is always kind of slipping from hand. As usual I didn’t have net with me, so only way was land from tail. With left hand I took the line and at the same time right hand tail, succeed. Beautiful bright trout was landed. I was on my knees in water with trout all the time. Jokke took shoes and socks off that he was able to come shortly for photo session. We waited that Tuukka was ready and then I lifted trout for filming. Few shots, trout back on water. We measured it and then released it.

Rest of the day was just fishing, no bites no nothing. I think all of us were so happy about that trout and even small grayling that it didn’t matter anymore.  I just hope that I would have more often that itchy on my balls, everytime it has been there, it has also been some special fishing or special fish, not just good or great fishing.

Have a nice weekend and hopefully you have that same itchy on your balls

Mika the Legend