it is not easy

it is not easy

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 22 September 2023

I just arrived after 800 km drive to cabin. This is my last fishing trip for this season, if lucky I will have some days around home but not really counting on that. I cut Finland and basically Sweden. This is where roads begin, Ammarnäs in Sweden.

I knew from forecast that it will be extremely difficult fishing coming ahead, heavy rain and cold for next four days. I took the risk, it is still fishing. I have driven in really bad conditions but this one was close to worst that I have experience. And while driving I realized that fishing will be really difficult, it is not only cold and rainy but also leaves are dropping from trees which makes graylings to sulk. Also there is high possibility that water level is getting up fast, because river is gathering waters from mountains (fjells). I will be fishing anyway... same waters where I thought that I have lost my mojo and found it anyway.  If weather stays like this and like forecast says.... this is ultimate test. It is time to go to the bed... tomorrow (Wednesday) will be first fishing day.



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No reason for celebrating after first fishing day. Weather was better than expected, even it was sleet coming down and some on the ground in the morning. I could see that in the mountains it had snowed more and even in afternoon snow was staying in the mountains. I fished totally new water for me. It had beautiful spots but I got only some small fish rising on fly. I knew dry fly is not the key to catch but I couldn't help myself. Tomorrow new waters and probably fishing today's spot again. Forecast is heavy rain... have to go deeper. I have prepared lunch back and breakfast, plan is to have early and fast start for tomorrow.

So I fished same area in the morning than Wednesday. Weather, heavy rain during night and sleet, morning rain and +2 celsius (35F).My plan was cross the side stream and reach next one. I had to change plan when I realized that water level has gone back up and it could be crossable once, maybe not returning when water rises. So I fished few spots and then headed totally new river and water for me. This one is absolutely nice water, doesn't get so easily high water because less and smaller side rivers coming, also there is big lake levelling water level. I had lunch by the river and then fishing. I had some tips where to fish from Peter, friend of ours who is running his business Ammarnäs guidecenter.  I have never been so happy about smaller grayling as I was when caught first one. Fished around island carefully and found good spot where I got 4 or 5 graylings, not really big ones but decent anyway. I changed set up from nymphs and got one with dry fly also.

All the time more or less rain. Fished few hours and then went to check special stretch which was all ready closed from this season. Nice looking water it was. I checked forecast and planned Friday's fishing. I will fish mostly waters I allready know, one strecht is new anyway. Friday's forecast is rain, mist and rain. I might get lucky anyway. Saturday would be perfect fishing, warming up to 15 celsius and sun shine... unfortunately I will be heading back home on Saturday. Satu is leaving to Germany and we have to switch turns at home.

Breakfast and lunch pack are ready for Friday. Have to go to the bed, earlier start. It is still fishing even could be challenging.

As said few years ago to Paul, I hate you a rest of my life.  And then it is even bigger pleasure to love you. Happy birthday Sexyloops. It has been ride of the lifetime I assume and it will continue. 

Thank you Paul also to opportunity to write these FPs, it is 5 yrs anniversary on those as today when when finishing this one. I have loved every word.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend

Ps. Happy birthday also to TZ, you will turn 60 yrs. We will party on Saturday.