It doesn't matter if you're ugly

It doesn't matter if you're ugly

Tracy&James | Sunday, 11 July 2021

Last weekend was dominated by competition fly casting for Tracy and myself, firstly with the BFCC event in Somerset and then, on our return to North Wales, Bernt’s virtual tournament.

The weather for the BFCC event was extremely variable, a complete nightmare for someone wanting to make long casts in all the events. The fact I cast the #5 trout distance almost as far as I cast the ST27 says a lot, actually Tracy managed to win the ST27 event – the second time she’s had 1st position in a distance competition at the BFCC (she’s won the accuracy a few times though – and she should have won this again but for messing up the last round).

I don’t think the weather in Somerset put people off though and everyone seemed to have a good time.  The instructors were very busy on the day, and we’ve received some great feedback from those who attended to improve their casting.

After a 4 hour drive back to Wales, through some extremely heavy rain where the traffic was crawling, I was feeling pretty tired and stiff.  However the next day there was a consistent wind on my usual casting practice field (we’ve been becalmed for the last few weeks) so I thought I’d make an entry into Bernt’s competition. Tracy did eventually join me to cast another entry into Bernt’s comp, though after she’d finished working and when the wind had died.

The format of this competition is very simple; just go out and cast on video and then record the single longest chuck made with the appropriate tackle.  This contest is producing some phenomenal distances that I can only dream of at the moment, given my technique in trout distance and the lack of wind in the ST27 and S55.

Now, I’ve written about this before, but I was truly shocked when I saw my trout distance cast on video.  During lockdown I’ve been practising a lot and I was convinced I’d made some major changes to my casting stroke.  As such, when I couldn’t see even a hint of the changes in the video, even though I think I’m doing things differently when I cast, I was more than a little disappointed.  

At the moment I’m blaming that fact I was tired and stiff for the ugly casting I saw.  That said, it still went an ok distance (for me) – certainly not far enough to challenge the upper end of the leader board where you’re going to have to cast the #5 MED over 140ft to be anywhere near, but further than I’ve done in a BFCC competition.  So once the current flat calm has moved on I’ll be out with my video camera again, hopefully I prove to myself that I didn’t waste all the lockdown practice and I have managed to remove some of the ugliness.

Have a great week,