Intermediate Level Double Hauling

Intermediate Level Double Hauling

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 31 August 2021

This week I’ve uploaded a fly casting video on improving your existing Double Haul for the Masterclass Series. Next week I’ll have a fishing video for SLTV and will try to flip flop on alternate weeks between fishing and casting videos. We are living on The Battleship full-time and fishing every day, usually two sessions. Apart from one day each week when we resupply with beer, petrol, ice… in other words: life’s essentials.

Last week we looked to – and set up camp in – a northern bay. It’s not a place where I would normally spend a whole week, usually just one day or two if it’s fishing it’s socks off. However it’s a nice spot and Ashly wanted to go. I picked up a free-riser early on and there were some babies with adults that Ashly failed to convince to eat. I also spent some time chasing Gourami and have changed my mind about throwing them the Popper and fishing it static when they appear. I have landed one Gourami on the Popper in eight years doing this and have seen no more than six actually eat it. Out of many hundreds. So from now on I change rods. So that was something I learned!

Ashly has made friends with the Gourami in the fish tank that we have in the boat and she gives me hours of entertainment hunting insects to feed it. This week we will fish the central basin, which is a very serious fishing week for me. We will also catch shrimps and what appear to be small transparent crayfish at night from the shores of Millipede Island and put these in the Gourami tank to see what happens. I find this fish to be quite fascinating and It’s teaching me a lot about the species. Definitely makes me think I should re-explore fishing at night.

I shall park the boat in Internet coverage mid-week to process rod orders. Late summer/early Autumn is always a busy time for rod sales. We are ready to rock! Also if you are in the EU we can build rods in the EU now. It takes slightly longer for us to do so at this moment in time, but over the next months we will bring this rod building studio up to full speed as well and hold stock again on the Continent.

You can also expect a video or two from me discussing and demonstrating each HT rod. I’m casting the HT5 daily now and it’s a peach. Well actually it’s a rocket. But you know what I mean!!

I hope that you find this week’s video useful. I’d like to start making more advanced fly casting videos, demonstrations of exercise drills that I use when teaching and also start to work on the Sexyloops Fly Casting Challenge Level 2. And remember every Hot Torpedo fly rod comes with a free one-hour Zoom lesson from me!

But of course, like Bernd, I am flat out chasing fish! Next month we shoot the final episodes of the fly fishing TV show here in Malaysia. I’m looking forward to that! An excellent bunch of people to work with and always great fun to explore other parts of Malaysia and different species.

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Have an awesome week!!!

Cheers, Paul