Instructor Theory for HT owner

Instructor Theory for HT owner

Paul Arden | Monday, 27 May 2019

Something I regularly do is go through the instructor tests theory with Sexyloopers via email. Obviously it’s not practical for me to do this for everyone but for owners of the Sexyloops Instructor Fly Rod, you have my time! Of course if you are a Board member you can simply ask your questions there, but for those of you thinking of taking an instructor exam and who have HT rods then feel free to get in touch. And if you are thinking of taking a single-handed exam then the Instructor 6 is the perfect tool - I took most of my exams long before the development of this rod, however I did take and pass the AAPGAI Masters with the Instructor 6 (which is IMO still the toughest test out there, certainly when it comes to single-handed Speys).

When it comes to teaching with the HT Instructor, there are actually quite a few advantages. Firstly it is WHITE. This means that your students can easily see what you are demonstrating. I’ve noticed that their attention span is much longer and it makes for extremely clear presentations. 

Another advantage is that it is a high performance flycasting tool - ie fun for an instructor to cast, not tip heavy or with tip wobble, but a beautifully honed loop generating machine. Mine has taken me to two 5WT world distance finals and one accuracy finals. It’s the rod used for the Video Masterclass as well as for this exciting bat-fishing video

And finally, lined with an AFFTA 6 fly line, it is a very comfortable rod for students to cast and learn - even beginners. This is important because you don’t want to be demonstrating casting with a rod that beginner students can’t feel bend. (Line the rod with a 5 MED and you have some pretty exciting casting funk - but also a combination that beginners really struggle to cast!). 

This week I’m doing some overdue tasks around Sexyloops. Resurrecting the irregular monthly Snapcast Newsletter - talk about “irregular”!!! But this time it will be weekly - and rebuilding the old Board as well as the current one. However right now, I’m in KL renewing my long term Malaysian VISA and organising a new truck! I’ve been driving crappy vehicles my whole life - it’s time for something reliable!

If you are looking to improve your casting and/or try some of the most interesting and challenging fly fishing that the world has to offer, then be sure to fire me an email. Lots of exciting fishing and casting to be had here in the world’s oldest rainforest. 

Yesterday’s page from Andy reminds me of a joke I always tell (I think I learned it from my grandfather!) when it comes to talking about the names I’ve given various islands around Belum lake - Ant Island, Millipede Island, Snake Island, Spooky Island, Martyn’s Inferno and so on... 

There was a (Native American!) Indian Chief and his son asked him, “How did you come to name us, father?” 

The Chief replied, “When I was helping your honourable mother to conceive your older brother, at the moment of orgasm I looked up and the first thing I saw was a running bear, so I called him ‘Running Bear’. When she was conceiving your sister, at the moment of orgasm I looked up and saw a misty mountain, so I called her ‘Misty Mountain’. Why do you ask, Two-Dogs Fucking?”

Of course I named the islands under totally different circumstances!

This month sees me start some pretty serious fitness training. I’m booked in for a another triathlon in late August - God help me - and so I have three months to get fighting fit. 

It’s all about to happen...

Cheers, Paul