In transit and more

In transit and more

Viking Lars | Monday, 21 March 2016

Paul's in transit between Thailand and The Titaminc Condom's usual waters in the Belum rainforest. That means you'll have to wait at least one more week before getting Paul's wise words on streamer fishing, in reply to Thomas' front page on tying streamers. Paul will try and upload some pictures later today when he returns.

I *was* going to write an FP on tying threads this past Saturday, but I got caught up in something else during the week, and we had an 18th birthday to attend in the family, so I didn't have time to write Saturday morning (which is where I write most FP's anyway). So, apart from a spoiler alert on Paul's streamer FP, you are also warned that I'll say something about tying threads, maybe this coming Saturday.

You see, I'm not all that impressed with modern GSP threads. They're really expensive, and I'm not sure they lead to better/stronger/more durable flies - and besides, how *strong* does a fly really have to be? Anyway, more about that on a later page.

Next week I hope I'll have time to try out a new pike water (new for me, anyway). It's the kind of water where you get the occasionnal report of really big pike (+20lbs) caught, but they're not frequent and they seem to be caught here and there and everywhere in a huge body of water. So it's likely that it's hard to crack and requires lots of time, but pike fence month starts April 1st, and they're really hungry right now (water warming up, spring coming and they're getting ready to spawn), so it's a good time for a little prospecting.

Over Easter I hope to find time for a fishing trip or two, and if weather beats me, I'll spend some time on the couch reading John Field's book, "Fly-Casting Finesse", which on a flip-through looks really interesting. If you want your copy, John sells them here. I also have Bob Popovics' new book, "Fleye Design" to read through. That also looks very interesting and John Field did an extensive review of "Fleye Design" on his front page on January 26. Looking through it, one thing I find interesting is the extensive use of bucktail. Especially in Scandinavia, bucktail has become less popular after the modern, Scandinavian soft-wing salmonfly was popularised over the last 25 years.

Personally, I love bucktail (in part because I love the Mickey Finn) and tie quite a lot with it. Obviously, so does Bob Popovics, so I look forward to reading his new book - again, that *could* happen over Easter in case of bad weather.

I *really* look forward to using my new pontoon boat, which I've added to the armada. As you can see in the picture, my youngest daughter, Elvira, also seems to like it - at least she had fun on it as I dry tested everything when I got it.

Have a great Easter!