In sight

In sight

Harps | Tuesday, 3 March 2015

We are so close to spring here in southern Alberta, it is getting tough to bear it.
Unlike the eastern part of North America, we have had well below average snowfall. So below average, that our local ski hills have had to close 2 months earlier than normal, and 4 months earlier than a good year. We have broken a number of temperature highs this winter and below average precipitation. The lack of snow, empty reservoirs, and the brown dry grass portents of bad things to come.

But the warm weather is giving me the shakes in anticipation of the spring fishing season. The economic downturn has forced my employer to cut my hours back to just part time, which will free up time for fishing (and renovations according to my wife). The recent fly fishing conclave that we held with our local club hasn't helped take the edge off, lots of fishing talk, presentations and teaching kids.

Over the next couple of weeks there will be work, and work and some tying, then a little more work, then a flight to the UK to the Re-Internment of the remains King Richard III. Hopefully there is a little bit of grayling fishing and some early saltwater flyfishing in the cards for a drive around Wales. The end of March and early April might be too soon for good fishing, but I've got to try! I'm open for suggestions of sites to see and flies that I should bring.
But... before we head to the UK were have some necessary repairs. Last week, we had an uninvited visitor that decided our couch looked comfortable. Despite taking her shoes off before crossing the hardwood floor, she smashed out the window in our front door to open the deadbolt. But, she didn't touch the laptop on the end table where she napped, nor anything else. Best case scenario for a break-in, I guess... no flyfishing stuff touched!

Anyway, time to finish my work for the evening and search for some mullet flies to tie.
Tying at the CWFFC conclave

Booths at the CWFFC conclave

custom rod work

Little bears house