Imminent arrival

Imminent arrival

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Mika and Satu visit us this week arriving on Thursday night. The plan is a week on the lake, followed by four days in Taman Negara fishing for Kelah and then a couple of relaxing days in Penang. Mika sent me a recent photo from Finland showing me that they still had snow. We don’t have snow here in the tropics, so that will no doubt be a refreshing change! Here it’s probably about 40 degrees warmer. They’ll love it!

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Ashly has to attend a wedding while they are over but hopefully she can join us on the lake at both the beginning and end of the lake portion of their trip.

Prior to Dirk’s arrival, I thought I had solved all the Battleship’s electric problems with new deep cycle batteries and solar panels. It turns out that I don’t get quite enough solar energy from the roof and so I’ve ordered two more panels! One day this will all be complete and then I can leave and move somewhere else :D

I’ve been giving a bunch of Zoom flycasting classes this week. While Dirk was here I couldn't give any, so they have all lined up this week! I think what I like most about doing this is the improvements that you see. I was watching Karel cast this week, moving from Closed Accuracy to Open Distance to 170 and it was poetry in motion! :))

Right, have some organisation to do before Mika arrives. A few swims, some fishing… some flytying… it’s all go around here!

Have a great week :)

Cheers, Paul