I’m back!

I’m back!

Paul Arden | Monday, 30 November 2020

Sorry about last week, I think we managed to miss a few FPs and I wasn’t around to cover or make them happen, but I’m back now. I was “working”, being filmed presenting a TV series that will be aired next year. The fishing is not too bad at the moment, and thankfully we found some Snakehead. Not only did almost all (?) my shots go in first time but they were filmed as well! I’ll talk more about this in the future and where you can watch it.

Now talking of fishing, if you are in Malaysia and would like to learn how to fly fish for Snakehead then now is a good time and it’s only getting better. 4-5 shots/ish per day. That’s acceptable here. The Gourami are paired up and spawning so it’s Snakehead all the way. And while we are getting 4-5 opportunities most days, I’m expecting more soon.

So if you are interested email me on paul@sexyloops.com

I will go fishing the rest of this week after I’ve recovered and then I’m happy to host a couple of 4-7 day trips over the next two weeks or so. Since borders are still shut to tourists I can only teach locals, and consequently I have a more local-friendly rate :)

It was great fun filming but I am totally shattered now. Now I’m going to sleep for two days!

Cheers, Paul