Tracy&James | Thursday, 9 November 2017

James’ recent knot tests have made me think about our next saltwater holiday and about our preparation for that trip. Besides improving our tackle by using stronger knots, albeit ones that are quick and easy to tie on a windy flat, we also need a lot of flies since we are away for six weeks this time. Having previously agreed to have a go by tying at least one saltwater fly, I have considered that maybe whilst I am recovering from my arm injury, I might tie a few more. It’ll give me something to do as I’m not fishing and hardly casting at the moment.

So in a week, the BFCC are supporting the iFish Show in the Norfolk Pavilion, South of England Showground, Ardingly where there will be fly tying demonstrations that I can watch and material that we can buy. I’ll have to manage to do this in between managing the stand promoting the BFCC on the ground floor and popping up to the first floor to watch the fly tying.

In front of the two-storey Pavilion is the main arena where the BFCC will be running fly casting tuition with Mark Surtees and Mike Heritage. James may run a competition, either accuracy or distance, if there’s enough space (either that or he’ll just arse about like usual Smile ). It’s a better venue than last year as we can watch the casting from the Pavilion, so if the weather’s inclement then I won’t need to go outside much. Although sadly that isn’t the case for Mike, Mark and James – they’ll be outside casting regardless, though as long as Mark gets an observer with an “inflatable hammer”, he’ll be happySmile.

Anyway, in preparation, I’ll start reading up on tying saltwater flies and get James to make a list of items he will need to spend the Winter months tying, though hopefully by Xmas, my arm will be recovered and I can get back to some fishing and casting.

Hope to see you there if you’re in the area,