I was busy

I was busy

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 2 August 2017

fly fishing, fly casting, fly tying and teaching all of them - yeah that's right!

So my week was just about perfect. Teaching fly casting and fly tying in the day and then fly fishing for carp before and fly fishing for asp after the lesson.

Paul and I seem to be in a similar (fishing) situation right now. While Paul is going to discover "his jungle water" all over again by fishing constantly sinking lines for a first time now, a friend of mine and I have started to fly fish the river Elbe in my home area by boat for a first time. No doubt we are the only ones who ever have done this in the lower (HUGE) part of the river. The lower part of the river Elbe holds HUGE zander (pike perch), HUGE perch and HUGE asp. But the water is pretty muddy and the river is approximately 7-8 Km wide. Millions of tons of water to be discovered. Of course this is not only time consuming but also means to start out by failing several times first. We have to learn a lot of lessons in finding the fish to beginn with.

Yesterday evening I was close to get linked to a HUGE asp for a first time. He followed my fly but refused. Looked like he was well over 70cm - maybe even much bigger. Seems as if we are on a proper track though. All week long I tied (none tangling, excellent working, great looking) flies for asp. Some of them you may find below in the pictures. Let me know when there is need for a fly tying manual on them. ;)

Ok, time to turn back into fishing right now. Unlike Paul ;) I didn't miss a single day fishing last week - and I won't this week either! ;)

Great week to all of you!

All my best

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P.s.: I am glad Paul and stuntman Ronan didn't burn down Paul's boat during the set up for some spectacular filming sessions. Looking forward to watch their stuff pretty soon!

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