I couldn't stop!

I couldn't stop!

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Last week the weather was perfect and many fish were in the best mood. So I of course didn't stop fishing all week long!

I think I din't sleep more than 5 hours at any day last week. Crazy? Yeah, obviously a bit. But not fishing when the conditions are best, maybe really is crazy, isn't it!?

However I caught a pretty good number of carp, asp and Zander (walleye) and could further study all their behaviour. Fair to say, that during this year I again have learnt a lot about fish and their behaviour! I spent much time just watching different fish for often hours.

My friend Hansi and I had a long discussion about what it needs to constantly catch a lot of fish. Hansi believes, that it needs a lot of fishing time. I very much disagree with that and believe it's all about skills. I meet a lot of fellow anglers in most days. Most of them usually blank - even when fishing all day long. That usually is, because they have little or no clue when, where and especially how to catch the fish. The bigger the fish are, the more skills are needed to fool them!

Hardly I met anglers just watching the fish and learning their behaviour. Most anglers don't make any time for that. This may seem logical when your fishing time is pretty limited. But in terms of catching success it is everything, but not logical.

Not making time to study the fish you are after will add to your fishing time, while it will reduce the number of your catches. No discussion for me here. I have seen this many times in my fishing life!

Ok, gotta fish! ;)

Great fly fishing week to all of you!

All my best


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