Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 6 December 2015

Hi guys, as per my last front page I thought I would wait until 10 of December when my sister-in-law arrives and then go fishing. But I can’t wait that long! My good mate called me the other day and wants to go fishing, not being on my own slows me down a bit, but hey I am going with my mate - let’s do it.

The game plan is,

Being picked up from work at 1am on Saturday, go home, get rid of the fucking tie and suit, have a sip of cold coffee - my wife will prepare it in advance and I love cold coffee - and hit the road by 1.45am.

First stop will be a lake in Elenora suburb on the Gold Coast, it is a lake surrounded by private properties, but there is a park stretch with public access, where you can fish from. The exciting thing about this stretch is that there is big tidal gate in the middle of it pumping the water from Tallebudgera Creek during high tide. All the food goes through here and the predators are hanging around the current coming from the gate to hunt. There is a chance for Mangrove Jack, Giant Herring, small GT. 

Now down side is that you have to be there before all the Chinese friends, who are throwing nets, or 5 rods each, in order to fill up their buckets with bream in all sizes, and this is why we will be there at 3.15am (still a risk of being too late). High tide is at 4.45am, so we have 1.5h of fishing the gate on incoming tide.

Best line choice is Rio Outbound Short, as all the trees behind you make it hard, and all you can get from your rod tip on the back cast is 30’ of the head +2’ overhang + 10’ leader in order to shoot to 70-80’. Once out, let it swing-dead drift  through the current, other times vary the stripping method through the current, but which fly!!!! ( fucking hell, another salt water fly fishing dilemma) 

Plan is to fish that spot throughout incoming tide until 7-8am. FINGERS CROSS

 As the low tide is scheduled at 10.45am, we will have 45min to pack up and change the spot to the one from the photo I posted last Sunday, and fish the creek mouth or the beach for 2h throughout outgoing tide. Most probably chances of Flathead, but I want to try something new. I want to stand on the rock head and throw my surf candy as far as I can into the blue water. The tackle for that will be 10wt rod with intermediate  out bound short shooting head - LET THE FORCE (and the fish for once) BE WITH ME!!!

Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Fucking hell, I am so ready and exited about this trip, but I know and realize we are talking SALT WATER FLY FISHING  here.

I hope this trip will bring some stories to tell you in my next FP, ’til then you keep fishing and I will keep trying.