How to tie... a tobi-pattern

How to tie... a tobi-pattern

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 19 February 2017

As I promised here an other step-by-step pattern, this time a easy to tie tobifish. Of course is created for sea trout fishing but it also works with other predators like perch or what you will cast it to.

So get your vise ready!

What you need for the pattern? 

- a hook in the size you like / I'm using a size 6 or 8
- some eyes 
- lead wire or tungsten
- Senyo's laser dub, or something else with long fibers
- Polarbear

Step 1: get some lead (or tungsten) and eyes on it, just as much as you need to get there where your fish is. Remember, the following fur will keep your fly up a little bit. 

Step 2:

Tie in the tail out of a small bunch polabear. Because of the stiff material there is no need for some extra resin to protect the fur from tailing around the hook 

Step 3:

Dub a body for the nice shape, but don't use too much material otherwise you will get a floater instead of a streamer

Step 4:

Bring the dubbing fibers in one direction and tie them in like this. Use your hands or a hairbrush to get them in one direction and test it always with pulling in the front. 

Step 5:

Put the Dubbing back and fix it with some glue or resin to this position and ready to go! 

Here an overview about all the steps:

Hopefully there will be a lot tobis in the water soon - tight lines