How to tie... a easy tube fly

How to tie... a easy tube fly

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 26 November 2017

I finally found the time back to my flying desk after moving, not all my material in order and it's still quite a mess but I've tied a easy tube fly for a coming fly tying demonstration in a shop. I'm not sure about the name, just that I'm fore sure not the first one tying this pattern, just a easy hair wing tube for salmon or maybe also a trout. Here the pics and hopefully someone can tie this pattern as well.

I like the Tube System from Pro Sportfisher because it's so easy to tie with. I take a Microtube and start with a silver body and a Butt. 


First a dubbing "hakle" and the first layer of artic fox

The second layer of acrtic fox, builded up like a stair
then a hackle, maybe softhakle or just something you have in your stuff

The last layer of artic fox and a little bit flash, and some jungle cock. I have used some subsitude 

As a last step just form your fly and add a cone, cutt it back and go fishing :)

Best, Daniela