How to sleep

How to sleep

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 12 April 2019

So days are getting longer. Today we have 15 hours daylight and sun is setting at 8.37 pm and rising at 5.37 am. Twilight /dusk is about 1 hours which means that you can see in outdoors without extra light. Day is getting longer each day about 4 minutes from both ends. That means that two months from now (13.6.) sun is not setting at all and we don’t have night for two weeks. After that it is slowly going on other way but basicly July is still light nights.

For me this is kind of training camp. Few weeks to go in this time (9pm) it was totally dark outside and now... it is more like midday with rainy weather, gray but no need to have any kind of extra light. So slowly I get use to night without darkness. It is helping us in here to sleep on summertime when there is no night but how to manage when you come from place you have dark nights and your brains can’t handle the light.

Of course we have also eclipse/blackout curtains to make bedroom dark but…. Really how to sleep. You can use eye-patches to cover your eyes, but not all can use them or those might be uncomfortable. So you are coming to fish and you should sleep also in some point, your brains says at night. There is same rule with brains and customers, they are always right except when they are wrong. And this is case like that.

Graylings are active at daytime but if it really warm weather and water then you can skip the hottest moment and concentrate your fishing for mornings and late nights. Those times are also good for running trout and trout overall. If there is mist coming over river at night time and you are after grayling, go to bed, if you fishing trout…. well keep fishing all the way until your body is saying sleep. Leave your sleepy brains at home and just fish. You can fool your brains with cowboy coffee made by fire (you find recipe from earlier FP).

So don’t worry how to get sleep when there is no night. Just enjoy night without darkness, go fishing until your body says have a break. Sleep few hours and go back to fish. Do it like we do in Finland, in summer we fish and have sex, in winter we just fish less.

enjoy your weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland

Ps. in photos midnight photos so you see how dark it will be….
fire at night midnight at july midnight fishing midnight sun midnight night