Hotter than a Potato

Hotter than a Potato

Paul Arden | Monday, 16 July 2018

The Sexyloops Hot Torpedo is only fly rod in the world that comes with a full operator's manual and free lifetime support. Not only that but it knocks the spots off all other fly rods both in performance and in looks and can be fully customised for no extra charge. These are fishing rods however, and have a stealth matt finish, without the bling of gay fly fishing rods. If you want a pink or yellow gay fly fishing rod, that spooks fish, then drop us a line and we will recommend a local doctor who can help you and we will send you some bangers so that you can let the fish know where you are at all times. Sexyloops fly rods catch fish, and unlike the competition, you don't need to up-line (use a heavier line than AFFTA standard) to use it, because a) we design Sexyloops rods around AFFTA conforming flylines and b) we will teach you how to handle your rod like a pro. If you can't double haul yet then you have definitely come to the right place because over the past twenty years we have taught more people to Double Haul than anyone else!

Here is the Operators Manual for HT fly rods and this is where you can learn to Double Haul. Feel free to send me a video of your fly casting, or better still post the link to the Board, where I and others will help.

I am incredibly busy at the moment here in the Malaysian Jungle. I've just spent a week fly fishing with Jono Shales of Exmouth Fly Fishing and I have Stu Tripney MCI from NZ visiting for an extended stay. On Thursday Tim Kempton CI is visiting for four days of Snakehead and Gourami fishing. At the end of the month I have Dirk and Alessandro coming (Dirk's fourth visit, Alex's second), I think Chuan may be visiting and possibly one more. And then on August 8th I fly to England for the fly casting World Championships on the 18th, which I will win assuming that I find time to practise, the Sexyloops Hot Torpedo Owners' Meet on the 25 and 26th of August (free lessons and beer in Essex) and then - Christ - a 1/2 Ironman Triathlon in Portugal on Sept 30th where coincidentally I will meet our cork grip supplier. I'll be back in Malaysia middle of October, just in time for the Wet Season and the big fly fishing event that is being held in KL at the very end of the month.

What with all of this, and fly fishing every day, where is the time for anything else?

Last night I was casting the Sexyloops Lumi-line while standing on an Aboriginal Bamboo Raft, in the dark. This line is the dog's bollocks of fly casting practise lines. It's a 100ft DT Intermediate fly line manufactured for us by RIO in the USA. It doesn't come with a bamboo raft nor does it come with a spot lamp for charging (yet), but just the same, if you love fly casting then this line is for you. It is a little bit trippy but we are men of the world and it's the perfect match for the Hot Torpedo Pro or Instructor 6. If fly casting instructors were more open-minded then it would revolutionise fly casting instruction, because on a dark night ALL you see is the loop. If you are coming to the jungle to fly fish with me, then make sure you bring a change of clothes and a waterproof headlamp because you might fall off your bamboo raft.

Have a fantastic week. I look forward to seeing you here, there or here.


Paul Arden started Sexyloops 20 years ago by mistake. He has been travelling and fly fishing the world for 25 years and is currently mastering jungle fly fishing in Malaysia, living with the tigers. Paul's ambition in life is to fly fish more than 20,000 days. He is a flycasting and fishing instructor with 25 years teaching experience and designs - arguably - the world's finest fly rods. Also he is very famous for his socks.