Hot Rods

Hot Rods

Paul Arden | Sunday, 3 July 2022

Some hot rods coming off the rack at the moment. Always nice to see some customisation. Ian asked for the lightest HT6 and so we used Latohegy Osage Orange spacer and the rod weighs in at 86 grams. “Chestnut and mustard wraps” so good you can eat. Duis on the other hand was something less traditional but when you are coaching you want to be seen!!

Very busy month for me now, just as it should be. This week I have two Tasmanian fly fishers joining me for a few weeks. I spend the first three days guiding them and getting them organised. Then they camp on Millipede Island and Richard joins me for 8 days guiding. The last time Richard was here was during the first Covid lockdown. When we got back to civilisation we discovered that the world had stopped while Richard was catching a huge Snakehead!

Then I have some more days with the Tasmanians. There is a possibility that we head into Sungai Tiang fishing for Mahseer together for the final episode of the TV show. That depends on the weather and Orang Asli availability.

July 24th I have a half Ironman here in Desaru, Malaysia. Looking forward to that one!! Then it’s back to the lake and most likely heading into Tiang. Also sprinkled around this I have two new Zoom students on 12 lesson courses from the US. One from Tennessee and the other from Chicago.

The bad news is that unfortunately Ashly and I are not going to be able to make the World Championships this year. It was already a financial headache after two years without work for both of us. Despite no guiding for me or hotel work for Ashly, we have still had living and maintenance casts and it’s been difficult to stay afloat both literally and figuratively. So it was tight. And then a couple of days ago I was told that I will be needed for Voice Overs during the first few weeks in August. I’m making a TV show here, which is awesome by the way. So it’s been a really difficult decision but spending 5-7K GBP for an extended trip to Europe, plus lack of earnings during this time, so soon after borders reopening, is just not realistic, not to mention the significance of this TV show for me.

So it’s a bummer to miss it and I will certainly miss it. It’s been a hard decision but it was finally made for me a couple of days ago. I hope that you guys who are going have a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing you all at the next one. Normally I provide an HT10 rod as a spare in case one breaks in competition. This has never happened but I think it is a nice touch to provide. I’ll get one organised and sent to one of the UK team members so that there is a new rod there ready to go in case one dramatically explodes in competition.

Have a nice weekend.

Cheers, Paul