Hosted Fly Fishing Trips - First Cast Fly Fishing School

Hosted Fly Fishing Trips - First Cast Fly Fishing School

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Because, that's where the fish are!

During the past 8 weeks I was teaching fly fishing for pike on RĂ¼gen (German Pike-land) - just one single day off in between!

Fair to summarize:

- Not a single client without catching pike.

- Not a single day without catching several pike.

- Lots of personal best pikes in between.

- Lots of first pikes on fly as well.

- No other guide in the whole area came close in the number of big pikes being caught, both spin fishing and fly fishing guides.

All that in a season, which many local experts and foreign anglers (who visited) describe to be the worst (low catching) pike season for many years.

Right now I am finished. Of course that doesn't mean I stop being out in the water every day. In fact it's opposite.

Matt Harris came over and we will be fishing together for the next days. Hopefully we can neal down one or two pikes!? We'll do our best!

Then I have a few days in addition to fish on my own. That means fishing very relaxed without any pressure to succeed day by day by day. No doubt succeeding all the time means a hell lot of work after and before entering the water. Yes, nights included!

Well, time to catch a good sleep. We will start at 6 in the morning since Matt wants to capture a fine sunrise (yeah, he too is CRAZY when it comes to succeed in fishing).

Hopefully you are heading a fine time in whatever fishing water soon either!?

Thanks a lot for following my front page!!!

All my best


Some pictures of our last days...

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