Hosted Fly Fishing For Pike Trips

Hosted Fly Fishing For Pike Trips

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Next week we will start our annual hosted fly fishing trips to the (German) island Rügen. Until December we will offer 1 to 7 days trips fly fishing for pike, pike perch (Zander) and perch.

During the past years we could help a lot of fly fishermen to have a great time and catching a serious number of fine pike on Rügen!

I have been fly fishing for pike throughout a lot of places in Europe. Rügen still is my favorite area. It offers us a great scenary with fantastic nature while wading on mostly sandy bottom. It's exactly this kind of fishing that many fly fishermen from all over Europe have been joining us for. Then Rügen offers a fair chance to catch a truly big pike on fly. A pike of 100cm in length is always possible while in most weeks we managed to catch pike signifcant over 100cm (even some pike above 120cm were included over the years).

Last season we landed 260 pikes within the top week. So there is great nature, a chance for some truly big fish and a pretty fair chance to catch several pike as well. Rügen also offers a good number of perch and pike perch for us.

I can't wait for the new season to start!
If you are interested to join us, just drop me an email via and I will send you further details.

During the past days I have been fly fishing for carp, asp and pike perch around my home town. Besides having caught some carp I blanked on asp and pike perch. Yes, that happens to me too. ;)

Next weekend we will be running a large fly casting school again and then get everything ready to go to Rügen.

So far this year was fantastic for us. We hosted a lot of fly fishing adventures and could share many great moments doing what we love to do the most.

Hopefully you can make time for some fishing as well!?

Great week to all of you.

All my best

Hot Torpedo in action last week...

hosted fly fishing trips first cast