Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 21 July 2021

During the past 15 month our homewaters have become quite important for many of us anglers. Due to all the Covid based restrictions in travelling abroad as well as travelling inside one's country many of us only were allowed to fish their homewaters.

For some of us like for Paul it got even worse and fishing one's home zone wasn't even allowed anymore!

Personally I find this way too crazy. Being out in the nature can't be bad for one's health. Obviously social distance can be failed in one's house as well as in the nature. Without taking care it's senseless everywhere. But being in the nature strengthens our immun system. There is no doubt about that!

So I am really glad to have been able to at least constantly fly fish my homewaters during the past 15 month. Luckily I have plenty of different types of water near by making it pretty interesting to study all the different waters as well as different species of fish like common carp, mirror carp, grass carp, ide, rudd, bream, tench, zander, pike, perch and asp. Finally I learnt a lot about fishing for all of these species!

Among these species of fish zander and asp have become my favorite ones. Last week I had another guiding on fly fishing for carp. We did it and after just 2 minutes my client hooked his first ever carp on fly rod. These moments are to be remembered always!

Besides teaching fly fishing I have been fishing a lot myself during the last week. Caught a fair number of fine fish, one excellent zander included.

Not being allowed to fly fish really would be tough for me. For sure it would not help my health but the opposite. So let's all hope that the worst Covid restrictions are about to be over now. We really have to accept Covid to be among us, I think.

During the past days Germany had some of the strongest rain falls ever and a lot of people lost their homes and some even their lives! Small creeks of 2 feet depth became almost 30 feet deep within half an hour! Absolutely crazy! My deepest thoughts are with all those who lost family members, friends or their homes! Tough times here in Germany at the moment!

But let's also not forget that there are other parts of the planet who are facing such tough times all year round for decades. Maybe it's about time we truly start thinking about this and start changing the way how we destroy our climate/planet step by step!?

I wish you a healthy and as safe as possible week!

All my best to all of you!



Some pictures as always...